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This site is a repository for work done by students and faculty connected the Linguistics Speech Lab associated with the Linguistics department at Indiana University. 

This research is made possible by the work and dedication of the people in the lab, the rich research environment afforded by Indiana University, and funding by the National Science Foundation (Grants BCS-9910701  BCS-04406540, and BCS-0519178), and by the National Institute on Deafness and Communication Disorders (Grant R03 DC04095). 

Selected Recent Publications

Silbert, N.H., K.J. de Jong, K. Regier & A. Albin (2014). Acoustic Properties of Multi-talker Babble. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 135: 2224, 2aSC20.

Silbert, N.H., K.J. de Jong, B.-j. Lim, & K. Nagao (2013). Effects of Native Language and Speech Rate on Perceptual and Decisional Processing of Voicing and Syllable Affiliation in Stops. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 134: 4247, 5pSC20.

Hao, Y.C, & K.J. deJong (2013). Does L2 Mimcry Equal L2 Perception Plus L2 Production? Paper presented at Second Language Research Forum 2013, 2 November, 2013, Provo, UT.

de Jong, K.J., K. Nagao & B.J. Lim (2013). Dealing with Variation in Second Language Categories: How Japanese and Korean Listeners cope with Extreme Rate Variation in English Stop Categories. Paper presented at Second Language Research Forum 2013, 1 November, 2013, Provo, UT.

de Jong, K.J., & M.H. Cho (2012). Loanword Phonology and Perceptual Mapping: Comparing two Corpora of Korean Contact with English. Language, 88:2.

de Jong, K.J., & H. Park (2012). Vowel Epenthesis and Segment Identity in Korean Learners of English. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 34: 125 - 155.

Dillon, C., D.B. Pisoni, & K.J. de Jong (2012). Phonological Awareness, Reading Skills, and Vocabulary Knowledge in Children who Use Cochlear Implants. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 17: 205 - 226.

Silbert, N.H., de Jong, K.J., K.T. Regier, & A.Albin (2012). Prosodic Position Effects on the Statistical Relationships between Distinctive Features and Acoustic-Phonetic Properties of English Consonants. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 132: 2001, 3aSC7.

de Jong, K.J., Y.C. Hao, & H. Park (2009). Evidence for Featural Units in the Acquisition of Speech Production Skills: Linguistic Structure in Foreign Accent. Journal of Phonetics, 37: 357 – 373.

Silbert, N. H., de Jong, K., Thomas, R. D., & Townsend, J. T. (2009). Diagonal d′ does not (always) Diagnose Failure of Separability: An Addendum to Kingston, Diehl, Kirk, and Castleman (2008). Journal of Phonetics, 37: 339-343.

de Jong, K.J., N. Silbert & H. Park (2009). Generalization Across Segments in Second Language Consonant Identification. Language Learning, 59: 1 - 31.

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